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ADF expansion project evaluation

First, project name and project survey

1. the name of the project: the project of Dongguan ADF Battery Co. Ltd.
2。 project survey: Dongguan ande Feng Battery Co。, Ltd。 is located at No。 88 Xiang Rong road of pine wood mountain village of Dalang Town, Dongguan city。 With the development of enterprises, the construction unit will make new lease of No。 77 Xiang Rong road of Pine Mountain Village and No。 38 factory of Xiang Ming Road in pine mountain village, the rental area is increased from now 14500 square meters to 36750 square meters。 At the same time, we expand the scope and scale of the products。 After the expansion of the project, we have 60 million aluminum shell lithium ion batteries and 40 million polymer lithium ion batteries。

Two. The name of the construction unit and the way of contact

Construction unit: Dongguan ADF Battery Co. Ltd.
Contact: Lin Hongpeng
Contact phone: 0769-89233111-807
Address: Dongguan city Dalang town Xiangming Pine Village Road No。 38

Three, name and contact way of environmental impact assessment.

Evaluation institution: Shenzhen Huan Xin Environmental Protection Technology Co。, Ltd。
Contact: Huang Gong contact telephone: 0755-29742325
Address: Shenzhen, Futian District CaiTian road rainbow Haiying building 26 floor A

Four, the working procedures and main contents of environmental impact assessment。

On the basis of environmental quality survey and project engineering analysis, based on the results of environmental impact analysis and the results of public participation in the survey, the evaluation conclusions of the project environment are given and the environmental protection measures and suggestions are put forward.
The main content of environmental impact assessment in this project: pollution source analysis, environmental quality status survey, environmental impact analysis, pollution measure feasibility analysis, public participation, site selection feasibility analysis, law and regulation consistency analysis, environmental monitoring plan and so on.

Five. The main issues of public opinion

The opinions and suggestions of the surrounding units and the masses on the environmental impact caused by the production and operation of the construction project are sought.
(1) the environmental conditions around the project and the main environmental problems.
(2) what kind of impact will the project construction have on the environment and whether the impact is acceptable?
(3) from the environmental point of view, if we agree with the construction of cost items, if we oppose, we should raise major objections。
4。 What is the proposal for the environmental protection work of this project
Other opinions and suggestions

Six, the main way of public feedback and the starting and ending time。

From April 1, 2014 to April 15, 2014, the public may send letters, e-mail, telephone and other ways of sending letters, e-mail and telephone to the designated address and contact form of the bulletin to express their views and views on the construction of the project and the work of the environmental assessment。 The EIA will record public opinions and suggestions in the environmental impact report of the project, and reflect the public's valuable opinions and suggestions to the construction unit and the government's environmental protection department。


Contact: Lisa

Tel: +86-769-89233111-834

Email: lisa@adfbattery.com

Add: N0 38,XiangMing Road Songmu Shan Village, Da Lang Town, Dongguan 523780。china

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