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The project of Dongguan ADF Battery Co. Ltd.

First, project name and project survey
1. the name of the project: the project of Dongguan ADF Battery Co. Ltd.
2. project survey: Dongguan ande Feng Battery Co., Ltd. is located at No. 88 Xiang Rong road of pine wood mountain village of Dalang Town, Dongguan city. With the development of enterprises, the construction unit will make new lease of No. 77 Xiang Rong road of Pine Mountain Village and No. 38 factory of Xiang Ming Road in pine mountain village, the rental area is increased from now 14500 square meters to 36750 square meters. At the same time, the scope and scale of production products are expanded. After the expansion of the project, 40 million aluminum shell lithium ion batteries, 21 million polymer lithium ion batteries, 12 million lithium ion batteries and 600 thousand mobile power sources are produced.
Two, an overview of the impact of construction projects on the environment.
(1) the effect of environmental air on the operation period
According to the engineering analysis, the air pollutants in the project are mainly NMP exhaust gas, ink waste gas and canteen fumes. According to the results of the forecast analysis, the contribution value of the pollutant concentration in the project is small, the standard rate is low, and the concentration of the pollutants in the project is low and the atmospheric environmental capacity is relatively large. After the project is completed, the superposition concentration of the pollutants within the evaluation range can meet the requirements of the standard of the phase evaluation standard.
(2) the impact of the surface water environment during the operation period
The sewage of this project is mainly composed of pure water, concentrated water, washing wastewater and domestic sewage. The preparation of pure water concentrated water belongs to clean water can be discharged directly, washing wastewater after collection are used as solid waste disposal. The three grade Dung Treatment of sewage through oil septum residue reached the standard of grade three of the second period of Guangdong provincial standard "water pollutant discharge limit", which was treated by municipal sewage pipe network to sewage treatment plant.
(3) the effect of sound environment during the operation period
Under the premise of the implementation of the corresponding noise reduction measures, the noise of the project boundary does not exceed the limit value of the 2 standards of the environmental noise emission standard for industrial enterprises (GB12348-2008) after the overlay of the project boundary noise and the environmental background noise.
(4) environmental impact of solid waste
Hazardous waste is handled by designated units with hazardous waste qualifications; the general industry is consolidated and handled by the local sanitation department and integrated, and the classification and collection of domestic waste is carried out by the local sanitation department after the temporary storage of the garbage bin in the factory. Under the premise of implementing the corresponding solid waste disposal measures, the solid waste generated during the project operation period is not directly discharged into the environment, but has little impact on the environment.
Three, the main points of countermeasures and measures to prevent or mitigate adverse environmental impacts.
1. Atmospheric environment
The main sources of air pollution during the operation period are kitchen and kitchen fume, ink waste gas and NMP exhaust gas. The cooking oil fume in the catering kitchen is treated by a high efficiency fume cleaner to the top of the roof, and the NMP exhaust is collected at high altitude on the top of the roof.
2. Water environment
The sewage of this project is treated by three level septic tank, and the catering wastewater is treated by oil septum isolation tank. After reaching the three level standard of the second period of the water pollutant discharge limit (DB44/26-2001) in Guangdong Province, the sewage treatment plant of the Dalang Songshan Hunan sewage treatment plant is discharged into the sewage treatment plant in the Hunan Ministry of Songshan, Dalang. The pollutant discharge standard of urban sewage treatment plant (GB18918-2002) has been discharged into the Cold Creek River after the first level A standard, which has little effect on the water quality of the cold river.
3. Sound environment
The noise of this project comes mainly from the noise produced by various kinds of fans and various kinds of pumps. The construction party adopts corresponding sound insulation and damping measures to make the noise of the field reach 2 kinds of standard requirements.
4. Solid waste
The solid waste produced in the operation process is mainly domestic waste, and the living garbage is handled by the sanitation department. The garbage collection room should be regularly sterilized, fly and derate, so as to avoid the odor and the disturbance of the mosquitoes and flies, so as to avoid the normal life of the people in the vicinity.
Four, the key points of the environmental impact assessment conclusions put forward by the environmental impact statement.
1, the environmental protection measures can guarantee the discharge of pollutants to the standard: the exhaust, waste water and noise of the project can achieve the target discharge.
2. As long as the construction units strictly implement the "Three Simultaneity" provisions in the construction, the environmental protection measures proposed in the EIA report are properly adopted and implemented, and the environmental protection facilities are operated normally, and the environmental impact will be reduced to a minimum after the completion of the project. From the Perspective of environmental protection, the construction of this project is feasible. The.
Five. The scope and main issues of public opinion
The opinions and suggestions on the environmental impact and pollution prevention measures of the public around the plot of the proposed project are solicited.
Six. The specific form of soliciting public opinion
(1) put forward oral opinions and suggestions to the EIA unit; (2) put forward written opinions to the EIA units; (3) telephone response to their own views and suggestions.
Construction unit: Dongguan ADF Battery Co. Ltd.
Contact: Lin Hongpeng
Contact phone: 0769-89233111-807
Address: Dongguan city Dalang town Xiangming Pine Village Road No. 38

Evaluation institution: Shenzhen Huan Xin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact: Yellow workers
Contact phone: 0755-29742325
Address: Shenzhen, Futian District CaiTian road rainbow Haiying building 26 floor A
Seven. The beginning and end of the public opinion
The public opinion on the environmental protection of the construction of this project shall be submitted to the compiling unit or construction unit of the ring evaluation report for ten working days from the date of this announcement (i.e. from the 02 day of September 2014 to the end of September 16th).


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